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The S.T.E.P. Financial Literacy Project (SFLP)

The S.T.E.P. Financial Literacy Project (SFLP) is a special hands-on literacy program designed to provide a bridge connecting urban youth to the world of finance.


The Mission SFLP is to educate and assist the community and in particularly S.T.E.P. youth program participants with the knowledge and understanding of the many concepts and applications of the world of finance, wealth building, business development and ownership.


The core elements of the SFLP include but are not limited to:


Basic Financial Literacy

Savings accounts

Checking, accounts

Credit and Debit Cards

The use of credit

Mobile phone use


Protecting Financial Identity

Wealth Building

Financial Planning

Making Your Money Work for You through Investing

Investment Diversification

Entrepreneurial Skills

A job or a Career

What is an entrepreneur?

Assessing your skills

Business Entity Formation

Multiple Entrepreneurial Revenue Streams

Protecting Your Assets



Additional components of the SFLP include Special guest speakers, (corporate, finance, motivational)Financial education with the use of interactive board games, Field trips to Community businesses, Savings and loan institutions Wall street and The Federal reserve.


Each student will also have the opportunity to open a bank account and purchase a savings bond in their name to begin their financial careers.


The financial education of our youth is crucial in slowing the growth of financial exclusion and generational poverty. There is substantial evidence that financial literacy programs have been successful in helping to improve the levels of financial capabilities and therefore the lives of the children of low-income families who are particularly disadvantaged. Such education also increase students eagerness to stay away from substance abuse, gangs and other such negative behaviors as well as learn more about other topics that will help them better manage their lives now and in the future.


If you or your organization would like to assist or learn more about the SFLP please contact us at:


Striving Together Equals Progress Inc.   S.T.E.P

P.O. 22192 Newark, N.J. 07101  

Or call  (973)842-8212



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